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VerseD: 1 Timothy 4:12

Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.
1 Timothy 4:12, ESV

Young, old, or have a past: do not wait for others to give you a chance.

You live your faith, and live it well in the power of Christ by the Holy Spirit to the glory of the Father.


Believing and KNOWING

In recent decades there has been a dangerous trend of youth leaving the Church, most of them leaving after graduation or in the first year or two of college.

Barna tells us that it is about two-thirds (approximately 66%) who leave.

Answers in Genesis tells us that most teens are already gone before high school even starts, but they wait until after graduation to physically leave.

Barna tells us one reason is because 84% of young adults within the church (18-29 years old) do not know how the Bible can relate, in effect, to real life.

Answers in Genesis says the main reason for all of this is that the message of churches for a very long time has been “Believe in Jesus! The rest does not matter!” Yet, our schools tend to teach students, primary/elementary through college, that many of the claims within the Bible have been refuted by science. (Just a few months ago I talked with a teacher who believes archaeology has proven King David never existed, though four years ago evidence of a united Israeli kingdom from 3000 years ago was found near the site where David fought Goliath according to the Bible.)

(Not) Giving Up the Fight

It would seem, then, that Christians have by and large given up on growing believers to love the Lord their God with all of their heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Answers in Genesis may be written off as crazy by some, and I admit that I think there are a few things they push that are not exactly what I would push as important as other things, but they exist for the sole purpose of training up believers to know what they believe and why. They want to see a church not ashamed of the Gospel and able to properly defend it.

Our youth group is right there.

Therefore, I will be doing a series on what our youth group, The CORE, teaches.

These are:

The CORE Facts:

The CORE Values:

  1. Desperate pursuit of God
  2. Diligent prayer
  3. Consecrated heart
  4. Focused life

Which lead to The CORE Mission:

The Core exists to make a worldwide impact for Christ through fervent prayer and by living consecrated lives.

I trust you are intrigued and will come back for more!

I know our youth enjoyed the lessons, and I pray I can do justice and bless you with the information.

Weekend Words & Sunday Stanzas – 07/08/2012

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Monsoon season for Arizona started a few weeks ago (while my lovely wife and I were in Illinois), but there has been very little rain to date. We even have been hearing about many wildfires that have destroyed thousands of acres of land, hundreds of homes, and made life all around miserable for many people.

We are also taking our youth group to Colorado Springs for the Desperation Youth Conference.

We all can desperately stand to have more of God and His blessings.

Therefore, the poem for today is also a prayer for the Southwest region of the United States (and other places). It is a prayer for our youth. It is a prayer for all people.

Let it rain
Let it rain
Let Your power come
Let Your will be done
Let Your love flow on
Manifest Your Kingdom

Let it rain
Let it rain
Let Your glory fall
Let our souls stand tall
Make all Your people
Something beautiful

Let it rain
Let it rain
Let Your Spirit move
Let the earth see You
Let people come to
The King of the Jews

Let it rain
Let it rain
Let me see Your face
Let me offer praise
Let my spirit say
Jesus is the Way

Taken fromdeeper words for God from a simple man of Godby daniel m  klem, page 97.

A Call To Prayer and Fasting

I am sure I am not the first nor last to issue such a proclamation, but I am at least to the first to do so this way!

This is a two-fold call, but God is calling for a fast:

  1. We must pray for the wildfires: the land destroyed, the lives devastated and inconvenienced, and for a quick end and rebuilding from the destruction.
  2. The youth of our nation. Specifically I wish to ask for prayers for the youth of my congregation who are going to a youth conference next week. We must pray for openness to the Holy Spirit, a clear direction from God, and a fiery passion for our Lord and Savior!

If you are a dedicated prayer warrior, you know what to do!

Some simple instructions:

  1. Take at least three days to fast. It is between you and God which days over the next week.
  2. Fast as God is calling you: complete fast, a “Daniel” fast (fruits and veggies, essentially), no technology, from driving … WHATEVER!
  3. Pray for the wildfires and our nation’s youth. (In fact, make it our global youth, and please think of “my” youth!)

You all know 2 Chronicles 7:14