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We can know the words of the Old Testament Part 2

The Domain for Truth

We can know the words of the Old Testament Part 1

Review: Last week we saw four reasons why we can know the original words of the Old Testament

    1. Reason #1: God’s Word says the Word of God will endure forever
    2. Reason #2: The Old Testament was written down.
    3. Reason #3: Temple officials were intentional in checking the manuscripts
    4. Reason #4: Masora Finalis

Purpose: In this session we shall consider more reasons why we can believe why we can know the actual words of the Old Testament so that we will have faith in God’s Word being God’s Word.

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Responding To An Article Attacking the Billy Graham Rule

I had read the article mentioned, as well. It is utter ridiculousness. Especially when a public figure says “I want to be above reproach” in a day when a smile can be construed to be sexual assault, that is not demeaning to the wife’s character. It is saying “I want to protect our relationship from my improbable but possible stupidity AS WELL AS stupid, baseless accusations and taint so that my wife does not have to deal with the heartache and headache of people attempting to smear her husband’s name and career.”
And Anthony did a decent job of summarizing a good chunk of the inanity of that article and reasoning.


The Recovering Legalist

I am not blessed with a lot of free time these days, especially because of the hectic details of moving while trying to finish out my last week of driving a school bus. As a matter of fact, below is a picture of where I am writing this very piece – on a school bus while waiting for elementary-aged crumb crunchers to finish swimming.

It’s 90+ degrees on this bus, I only have about 30 minutes to write, and I’m sweating like a glass full of ice on a hot day – except I’m not icy. Please allow me the opportunity to rant.

There used to be a time in American life when a man who actually tried to stay true to his moral convictions was considered the kind of man we respected. That kind of man, by all respects a hero of virtue, would be lauded, placed on a…

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Consider the Text (Genesis gets its YOM on)

This goes well with the other reblog from a few minutes ago.


A Bit of Orange

The following is from a conversation I had with a Catholic friend I like and admire: 

Genesis 1 refers to each day as a “day”,

in numbered order, and with the inclusion of evening and morning. What in the text, either in Genesis 1 or anywhere else in scripture, tells us NOT to take it as written? Simply, nothing.

The text shows us we MUST take it as written.

In Exodus 20, God says “For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested on the seventh day.” The reason why is because He is telling the Israelites that He set the example for them by working for six days and resting for one. Not only is this passage a lie if God actually worked for 13 billion years in six somewhat overlapping epochs, but it also makes no…

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Why Old Earthism Divides


The debate on the age of the earth has been ongoing for epochs…or at least for 150 years since Charles Lyell worked to “free the science from Moses.” I’ve addressed this particular issue many time before, and while not an issue of salvation, it has great importance for Christians in the area of biblical interpretation. So, while people can still be redeemed and not understand the intricacies of biblical hermeneutics, it is still important for maturing Christians to learn to correctly understand the revelation of God as intended.


So, if the age of the earth is not an issue of salvation, why does it seem to bring such division? The division comes from how to interpret the Bible. If the Bible is the Word of God, then it should be the epistemic authority. Typically, it is those that are identified as youth earth creationists or biblical creationists that take this…

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It’s the Bible, Not a Telephone Game

The Recovering Legalist

Dear friends,

This afternoon I was skimming through posts on Facebook and came across a discussion on the reliability of the Bible. A lady named Shannon questioned the claim that the Bible we have today is the same scripture from thousands of years ago.

Shannon asked, Ever play the game telephone? Try doing that over a course of a couple of centuries and a few languages.” 

Well, I felt I should engage Shannon, so I offered her some resources I thought might be helpful. I want to share them with you guys, too.

First, please try to find a copy of the book God’s Word In Our Hands: The Bible Preserved for Us. I have a copy in my library and let me tell you, it is an invaluable resource.

Click on the picture of the book for a link to Amazon.

Secondly, if you can take…

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VerseD: Psalm 119:11

I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.
Psalm 119:11, ESV

This goes beyond memorizing Scripture.

We read, study, and share the Word of God that the Word of God (Jesus) dwells more deeply in and through us.