Responding To An Article Attacking the Billy Graham Rule

I had read the article mentioned, as well. It is utter ridiculousness. Especially when a public figure says “I want to be above reproach” in a day when a smile can be construed to be sexual assault, that is not demeaning to the wife’s character. It is saying “I want to protect our relationship from my improbable but possible stupidity AS WELL AS stupid, baseless accusations and taint so that my wife does not have to deal with the heartache and headache of people attempting to smear her husband’s name and career.”
And Anthony did a decent job of summarizing a good chunk of the inanity of that article and reasoning.


The Recovering Legalist

I am not blessed with a lot of free time these days, especially because of the hectic details of moving while trying to finish out my last week of driving a school bus. As a matter of fact, below is a picture of where I am writing this very piece – on a school bus while waiting for elementary-aged crumb crunchers to finish swimming.

It’s 90+ degrees on this bus, I only have about 30 minutes to write, and I’m sweating like a glass full of ice on a hot day – except I’m not icy. Please allow me the opportunity to rant.

There used to be a time in American life when a man who actually tried to stay true to his moral convictions was considered the kind of man we respected. That kind of man, by all respects a hero of virtue, would be lauded, placed on a…

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