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This Sunday at Church: Pray for your church’s Deacons

We finally started adding deacons (after 2 years of intentionally trying), so it requires a LOT of prayer! We have had a few turn us down, a few become disqualified, and a few still under review. It is not easy, and it has made our team of elders understand how hundreds of believers in Acts 4 would produce only 7 to help with feeding everyone.


For this Sunday here’s what you can do: Pray for your church’s Deacons. Today our church will have a deacon’s meeting.  It made me think about how important church deacons are for the church. I realize there’s idea of deacons out there that might not be biblical; I see deacons as first among servants in […]

This Sunday at Church: Pray for your church’s Deacons

VerseD: Psalm 94:19

When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul.

Psalm 94:19, ESV

God’s Word is a great comfort in all circumstances. Remembering God’s promises and faithfulness can lighten any load and bring joy from sadness and worry