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This Sunday at Church: Meditate Silently After Service

Too many times, we rush out the doors and/or to pack up belongings and personal items and kids to get to lunch or some event.
If we have truly just heard from the Word of the Lord, shield we not teacher time to apply ther truth(s) to our hearts or make sure we understand the doctrines and implications of the teaching?
(You could also talk about it with others/your family, if that helps, but it should definitely happen that day … and then through ther week.)


The Domain for Truth

This Sunday at Church I want to encourage you to do the following: Meditate Silently After Service.

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VerseD: Deuteronomy 30:16

If you obey the commandments of the Lord your God that I command you today, by loving the Lord your God, by walking in his ways, and by keeping his commandments and his statutes and his rules, then you shall live and multiply, and the Lord your God will bless you in the land that you are entering to take possession of it.
Deuteronomy 30:16, ESV

The commands we obey are summarized in loving God, loving people, and loving the Church.

Our Promised Land is eternity with Christ.

Possess eternity through faith in Christ.