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Re-Hello World!

It was three years ago today that this little blog was started!

Can you believe it! I mean, Really?!

A big thank you to all who have come along side me by following, commenting on, and sharing my blog. An extra thank you for those of you who have helped me write my blog and encouraged me in my writing, especially the great men (and a young woman!) at Proverbial Thought!

To see how it all started, you can go here, and for Proverbial Thought here and here (the second link being my first posting).

Praise God for my being so consistent, the relationships formed and strengthened, and for all that has come that glorifies His Name through this blog!

My Proverbial Fellowship

Instead of my usual theological post, I am going a slightly different route.

You may have noticed that in every post I write I put a reminder to go to Proverbial Thought and read from my fellow contributors’ commentary on the book of Proverbs.

Of course I implore you to head on over there yet again, and, if you have not already, subscribe to this wonderful blog.

Last week we looked at reaching out to the lost and hurting in our broken world.

Today, I offer a reminder that we need to reach out to each other.

There is nothing like the fellowship of believers. We are able to encourage and lift each other up, and we can learn from each other.

Therefore, I am going to encourage you check out the blogs of my brothers at Proverbial Thought.

Chris Jordan

Our newest contributor, Chris out of Beausejour, MB, Canada, is also a prolific writer. He has two books, even more blogs, and writes a piece for his local paper. All I have to say is this man knows how to have fun, encourage, and spread the gospel! Go check out his blog here.

Nick and David Welford

Nick started his blog, and his dad, David, joined him as a regular contributor. These wonderful British brothers in Christ each have their own unique understanding of the Bible, the Church, and God. They are not afraid to share their struggles, challenge Christians, or share the grace of God. To read their unique view and be both encouraged and convicted, go see Nick’s blog here.

Jason Sneed

Jason lives near our founder in Tennessee. His blog covers everything theological and fun as well as musical (such as his Christmas music bracket to decide the best song!). You may notice a theme in each of these men by this point, but his blog is a big encouragement! Go see who is really on first at his blog over here.

Grady Davidson

Grady only blogs at Proverbial Thought, so you know what you are getting! His post every month therefore is filled with thought and wisdom. Continually check out his monthly posts for his reminders of our need for our Lord and Savior!

Anthony Baker

The founder of Proverbial Thought, Anthony has been our leader and strongest encouragement. With how busy we all are, we know he is busy, too, but he fills in when we slack off! (There some truth in this, but I am exaggerating slightly.) He puts in a healthy amount of wit and humor within his posts, whether they be deeply theological or “Hey, look at that shiny thing!” in nature and everything in between. In his desire to not be too legalistic but to be loving and compassionate, he lets fun, encouragement, conviction, reminders, and reality fill his blog over here.

I am thankful for each of these men and the ways they impact my growth in Christ. Help me encourage them by visiting their blogs.

You will be encouraged, too!

Proverbial Thoughts and Thinking

I have had a really busy month with travelling around, homework, a wedding, and all manner of other things!

You know what … I am on vacation!

So, for today, you can head on over to my contribution at Proverbial Thought (

The topic today is about the importance of Bible study and knowing the Word of God. Another passage that goes well with this is 2 Corinthians 10:5. The only way to take every thought captive to be firmly rooted in the Word through the power of the Holy Spirit and prayer.

I think it is time we all work on building the callouses on our knees as we read our Bibles!

Proverbial Thought

Okay, so I have great news!

Starting this Sunday, April 1 (specifically designed to start on April Fools’ Day) a new blog is officially launching: Proverbial Thought!

An online friend was inspired to start this blog, because there is very little available in terms of devotions and commentary on Proverbs. This is a site sharing some insights into the book of Proverbs, and there are contributions from various people from all over the place. For some crazy reason, this dear brother in the Lord thought I would make a great contributor!

I suggest that all of my regular, semi-regular, and random readers head on over to Proverbial Thought and sign-up right away! You will not want to miss what these guys have to say! (You might enjoy even what I have to say!) There is a new passage every single day!

What are you still doing here? GO!

Much love in the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ,