Sermon on the Mount study notes – Matthew 7:15-23

I have started a small group series on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7). I am sharing my notes in case anyone else wants to use them with their group. [Reminder that these are only notes!]

Sermon on the Mount – Part 14

Matthew 5:1-2:
Jesus wants to teach the crowds: Who are they? Jewish disciples: People who understand the
Scriptures (at least to a point). Notice from 7:28 the crowds still came along, but this teaching is for His disciples.

What does “blessed” mean?
Based on the first twelve verses, blessed means realizing our own wretchedness and need for a Savior. In other words, it is becoming/being a Christian.

What was discussed last time?

  • ASK
  • Golden Rule
    • Wide vs. Narrow Gate

Matthew 7:15-23:
“Beware false prophets …”

  • Deuteronomy 13:1-3 – Speak true prophecies, but lead to other gods
    • Can be said also “preach a different gospel”
      • The Gospel: Jesus Christ (fully god, fully man) was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died for our sins on the cross, and three days later rose again.
      • False gospels: We can attain the godhood, are meant to do everything Christ did, are basically little gods
  • • Matthew 24:9-14, 21-28 – Just before Christ’s return, the gospel will be heard everywhere, but deceit will be the highest ever
    • False teachers/prophets saying Christ is found in the wilderness/inner rooms (huge influx of wilderness/secret room prayer ministries in the past 2 decades)
    • False christs? “Christ” means “anointed one” – huge influx of “anointings” and “anointed aposltes, prophets, and teachers” who receive special anointings and revelations
    • They may even perform real miracles and prophecies, “to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.”
  • 2 Peter 2
    • v. 13: Most if not all are aware they are deceiving people!
    • vv. 10b-11: They think they can control demons and “bind and decree against” them. (Obviously, most today have not met a demon like the sons of Sceva did! (Acts 19:11-20, which also points out people burning their magical books, as opposed to groups today offering heavenly viewings (sceances), destiny card reading (Tarot), and things like grave soaking (receiving anointing from the dead), all while offering sure-fire ways to make God do things for your to make your life better (magick)
    • vv. 4-10a: Mentioning the angels of Noah’s day and Sodom and Gomorrah points out those who allow or even celebrate deviant sexual desires (liberal Christianity, possibly even some in the hyper-charismatic movement)
    • vv. 17-22: They are so stuck on making the things of this world “holy” that they get stuck in the things of this world, thinking they are wise they show they are vv. 12-16, chasing money and power (like Balaam) while acting like they are barely evolved from primates.
  • But there end is destruction:
    • vv. 21-23: “Did we not …” – They put on a good show, say all the right things to sound good (how many NAR/liberal churches have orthodox statements of faith?), even accomplish amazing feats (“signs and wonders”, feeding the hungry, helping the homeless, etc.), yet they lead people from Christ.
    • “I never knew you.” – They claimed to know Christ, but like the sons of Sceva, they are merely riding on the coattails of Christ and Paul.

Who are we listening to?

How are we treating Scripture? The Gospel? Jesus? God?

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