Sermon on the Mount study notes – Matthew 7:7-14

I have started a small group series on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7). I am sharing my notes in case anyone else wants to use them with their group. [Reminder that these are only notes!]

Sermon on the Mount – Part 13

Matthew 5:1-2:
Jesus wants to teach the crowds: Who are they? Jewish disciples: People who understand the
Scriptures (at least to a point). Notice from 7:28 the crowds still came along, but this teaching is for His disciples.

What does “blessed” mean?
Based on the first twelve verses, blessed means realizing our own wretchedness and need for a Savior. In other words, it is becoming/being a Christian.

What was discussed last time?

  • Judging others
    • Using right judgment, based on God’s standards
    • Not hypocrisy (saying one thing while willfully doing the opposite)

Matthew 7:7-8:
“Obviously” this means we can ask God for literally anything and get it, right?

  • Context part 1:

Matthew 7:9-11:
How do we typically give gifts?

  • Firstly, for others’ needs
    • We try to make sure the basics are met
  • Secondly, for others’ wants
    • When the basics are covered, we can “step it up” to something better or more desired.

How does God give gifts?

  • More abundantly and amazingly than we can fully fathom
    • All we need to do is ask!
    • He also makes sure we have the most basic needs
    • Sometimes He goes beyond the basic to give us something we want based on preferences
  • Context part 2:
    • Matthew 6:33
      • God always gives according to:
        • His character
        • His mission (drawing others in)
        • His glory (that which brings Him praise and honor)
    • This should demolish the Prosperity gospel
      • Paired with John 14-15, especially

Matthew 7:12:
The Golden Rule

  • Tied to how we give as well as how we judge! (The verse starts with “So,” as in “therefore”, and it is attached with the previous “therefore” in 6:34!)
    • Are we judging based on our own standards or God’s?
    • Are we giving to do something good for the ego boost/to feel better/”because we have to” or for God’s glory?
  • We should be striving to treat others as God treats us in Christ!

Matthew 7:13-14:
Jesus always takes us deeper

  • It is relatively easy to be nice/kind/loving to people we like
  • It is relatively easy to give things to people for various reasons
  • Loving people like God loves is not as easy (at first).
    • Pernicious lie today: “Self-Love”
      • “But the Bible says!” Philippians 2:4
        • We should take care of our temple
        • Yet, Philippians 2:1-11
          • No selfish ambition or conceit
          • Count others more significant
          • Have the mind of Christ: sacrificial servant
      • Yes, take care of yourself (at times pampering, sure)
        • Maybe gift someone that spa day
        • Maybe merely take a hike/walk
        • Maybe buy the name brand product rather than the generic
          • Or buy two generic and share with one who needs it!
        • Maybe take another person along who also needs a break
        • Maybe just be with someone as much as you want to get away
    • Self-love is not inherently bad the way most use it, but how often we use it as an excuse to avoid giving, to avoid serving, because we’re tired, hungry, stressed?
    • Acts 20:35
  • Why is it so hard to enter the narrow gate?
    • John 14:15, 15:10-17
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