Be careful with the words “All” and “Every”


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Going to take a break from our Sunday Church series to write this post in light of everything going on in America with the issue of police, race and rioting.

Remember in the next few days you are going to see and hear a lot of things from others that can be better worded or nuanced.  We got to practice a lot of grace at this time.  You will very likely see wrongs and evil done from all sides of the political spectrum.  Yes you can call them out.

But be very careful of saying “All ___ are like that” or “Every ____ is _____.”

Please be very careful of this kind of thinking at this time.

Christians should be careful of such fallacious thinking in general.  Christians should especially be careful of this kind of fallacy at this time.

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  1. Oh how we need to pray for our country!

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    • Our Sunday morning became a prayer service with Scripture readings, brief explanations, and “open mic” prayer time to let the congregation have a chance to pray. 4 areas: For relative peace and order to return, for the rifts that remain with the reminder we are not fighting people but a spiritual battle, for our leadership at all levels, and for the Church to be bold and compassionate with the Gospel and God’s love and answers.

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