This Sunday at Church: Pray for those at Risk with Corona Virus

I personally know people who have to work in high risk areas and/or are immunocompromised. Friends have family members who have contracted C-19. Regardless of what each of us feels about this virus (“It’s just a bad cold. Why is everyone freaking out?” to “We’re all gonna die!”), we can pray for those who are sick, are in danger of being sick, and are affected by this whole thing. (For example, two of my three jobs are on hold, if one of them survives the effects on business, which itself affects at least 5 others workers and entire church community. The other affects all those who planned on getting married during this time plus the hundreds of people who work weddings for their career.)
Lord, grant peace to those directly affected by this pandemic, wisdom to live through this situation and possible illness, and protect us from illness and worry. Whatever Your will during this time, help us to draw near to You, to trust You, and to be Your hands and feet during this time.


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More and more churches are doing service online in light of the virus.  Our “This Sunday” series will be going over a Corona Virus edition.  Last week we posted “Helpful Considerations in using Zoom for the Glory of God.”  If you are experiencing Church online here’s something you can do this Sunday: Pray for those at Risk with Corona Virus.

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