Review – A Matter of Days – Chapter 12

To reiterate: these are not claims that Hugh Ross and others who deny a young Earth are not Christians. All of us have wrong/misguided beliefs about God, Creation, salvation, human nature, etcetera. There is a dispute about what the Bible says and what science says. Faith in the atoning work of Christ for our sins is what one must have to be saved, not believe the world is a certain age. This is a serious matter to be sure, as are several other things, but dialogue and discussion must happen. As is with this review series.



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Faith, Morality, and Long Creation Days

I just want to take a moment at the “halfway-point” in this book review to remind folks that I do not want to condemn the man, Hugh Ross. I believe he is a Christian is ripe for correction because of his false hermeneutical methodology. With that, let’s look at ch 12

Some young-earth creationist leaders have persuaded large segments of the Christian community to believe that a link exists between belief in an old Earth and a slide into immorality.

This is not an unfounded warning. As has been consistently shown in the previous chapters of this book review, old earthism elevates the modern academic paradigm as an authority over biblical interpretation. While the modern academic paradigm in-and-of-itself does not constitute a slide into immorality, elevating ANYTHING as an authority over biblical interpretation is dangerous. It’s the…

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