Seven Letters to Seven Churches-Introduction Part 3

The only thought I would add to Wally’s commentary is that it is good for pastors to know and meet with other leaders, for accountability and encouragement. Both are helpful and needed for Christ’s Church. Otherwise, here is his continuation of the series on the Seven Churches of Revelation.


Truth in Palmyra

The Authority of Jesus in the churches

Revelation Chapter 1

We are almost done with the introduction to this series and ready to move on to the churches. Actually, I was done but got lost on a small rabbit trail. So, next time readers can go down that trail with me!

Jesus is the head of His church, and his churches. That seems self-evident from scripture, yet somehow along the way that seems to have fallen by the wayside some. I write from the perspective of the work I am part of. One of the things we believe is that Jesus formed His church personally during His earthly ministry. We also believe that each church is an independent body and that no higher ecclesiastical authority can exercise authority over them. I know other works are organized differently in terms of ecclesiastical authority, and that’s fine. Nonetheless, Jesus has full authority…

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  1. Thanks Daniel I totally agree. In fact, we form associations at the local, state and national level just for the purpose of agreement on issues, accountability and conducting businesses. Its just that the association doesn’t exercise authority over the local churches. Churches may withdraw and conversely any association may withdraw fellowship from a church that goes over the edge in doctrine or conduct.

    And thanks for sharing!

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    • You could say I was adding clarification! Non-denominational churches clearly operate the same way (full disclosure: we currently are members of a non-denom. church … in fact, we are some of the newest in the congregation, but we were the first to officially become members with the newly made membership!) One of the reasons we were happy to come serve with this church is that Pastor Scott regularly meets with other pastors and leaders around town and even the state. I like associations and denominations for the all of these reasons of accountability, encouragement, and discipline as necessary. The only way for a single, non-denom. church to really deal with poor/bad/false teaching is for the congregation to leave. This can lead to other issues, as well …
      And you are welcome!


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