This Sunday at Church: Praying more people would come to a Biblical view of the Preborn

For this Sunday here’s what you can do: Praying more people would come to a Biblical view of the Preborn.   This past week I’m sure we have seen a lot of so called Christians display views that does not acknowledge the personhood of the preborn.  I think there’s a lot of teachings that needs […]

This Sunday at Church: Praying more people would come to a Biblical view of the Preborn
  1. I agree with Brother Jim, there are too many Scriptures that show us God identifies the person even before they are in the womb and even before the foundations of the world. I’m with you. We need to not be afraid to teach the truth of the Word but also to continue without ceasing to pray for the lost. We tend to forget that those in the world are SLAVES to sin, they can’t help themselves anymore than we could before the Lord rescued us! We don’t have to condone sin at all (as Christians, we better not be condoning) but we also aren’t to hate the creation that is still blinded! We were there once ourselves!! 👍💗🕊😇 I’m with you in 100% agreement! 🙏💗🕊🙏

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  2. Thanks Mr. Klem; hope your Sunday (6/26) went well

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    • Same to you! (Thanks as well as a good Sunday)
      We are down two elders (pastor taking a few weeks off to visit family, our youngest elder (35) home with a newborn (born Wednesday morning, and we are the godparents of both kiddos), so the music pastor and I are pulling double duty. Thankfully, no big issues, I met a few new people, and I was a backup in Sunday school for our elementary kids. Our volunteer this Sunday was a missionary for years, and while talking about Jeremiah, he introduced them to the idea of communion with grape juice (God’s wrath), a yoke (slavery due to sin), and Fig Newtons (good fruit vs. bad fruit, and bread vs. stale crumbs). The obvious connections were made, and our students are so smart!
      In other words, while we are short-handed staff-wise, God is showing His grace and love in many ways! (Well, continuing to! Our little congregation is very blessed!)
      Oh, and my back is fully recovered from two weeks ago!

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