Youth Prayer!

I am with my youth group at the Truth Quest Youth Apologetics Conference! Pray for these hundreds of youth here this weekend, and for those of us teaching/speaking! (I am teaching “Does God exist?”)

Thank you for your prayers!


  1. How did it go???

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    • Those who came to my workshop “Does God Exist?” talked about it all day! Even better, we saw so many teens (about 170 total) who showed up Friday looking like “I guess I’m here, doing a thing.” Then Saturday night we had a room full of teens lifting their hands in worship as they learned how to effectively share the truth! One of the pro-life ministries had to find me to let me know they had 9 people sign up for summer ministry, and 6 were from my group!
      Our group is doing a debrief this Wednesday. (I started a new “Christianity 101” study Sunday, and that group (mostly parents!) had so many questions that it went from a 90 minute study to over 3 hours! That is why there was no time for a Sunday debrief!) I also had a group of 18, and 4 of those are from other churches on Sundays.

      In summary, it was great seeing so many local churches come together and play and learn and worship.

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