Starting The New Year Right

There is a game called Rummikub in which the goal is to be the first to get rid of all of your tiles. When one or more players has just a couple tiles left, the race is on for the other players to jettison as many tiles as possible in the few moves that are left before the game ends. The winner is the first one to get rid of all his tiles, but those who have tiles left get penalty points that carry into the next game.

As we rapidly approach this new year, now is the time to evaluate your life before the year ends, and get rid of your baggage, emotional or otherwise, so that you can be a winner and start the new year right. If that process seems daunting, find a good Christian Counselor who can help you work through the baggage so that you can find peace, strength and wholeness.

Jesse Walker is an ordained pastor who is a Christian Counselor.

He is the founder and lead counselor of Christian Counseling Ministries in Phoenix, AZ.

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