Can There be a Wrong Way to Preach Christ in the Old Testament?

About how I would have handled the text, too.


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I believe we should preach Christ.  I believe when we preach the Old Testament we should preach to our congregation about Jesus.  But there can be a right and wrong way to go about it.  I know over the years there’s some people I talk to that make it where one can do no wrong when they preach Christ from an Old Testament passage.  But I think it is possible that we preach Christ and also preach in a way that respect the historical grammatical and authorial intent of a passage.  And a extension of that belief is that there is the possibility of preaching Christ yet done in a way that does not respect the historical-grammatical detail and authorial intent of a passage.  As an expository preacher I want to glorify God when I preach the Old Testament by pointing to Christ yet also glorify God with carefully…

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  1. Thanks for reblogging this Daniel

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    • Thanks for posting. I had the opportunity to explain this passage to some folks earlier this year, and I had basically this content and then some. (Including touching on how Jacob treated Leah, Lot in Sodom, and how Israel as a whole treated God, showing the progressively worse before going back to Boaz and Christ.)

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