VerseD: Romans 3:23

for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God
Romans 3:23, ESV

No one is perfectly good, except for Jesus. Even our good deeds – done apart from Him – are tainted by our sin.
Only through the blood of Jesus can we be made clean and forgiven.

  1. Gospel in a short post! Glorious

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    • I spend more time with my youth group, yet they struggle to explain the Gospel this well while our children are already close! Probably because there was not much of a children’s ministry and no youth ministry before my wife and I came. (Not that we are so good, obviously, as the older kids still struggle!! But that God has used the ministry so amazingly.)

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  2. Everything we do in this world, good or bad is imperfect because we see it through the grimy window of sin.

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    • I remember leading a small group a couple of years ago in which most could not grasp this idea. I had to explain that we are capable of doing good things, being made in God’s image, but our good deeds are tainted. It may be as simple as wanting the good feeling of knowing we did something good, or that someone will like us more, or even that it might make our lives easier. It is like the businessman that does good things for his customers knowing it will probably reap better returns financially. (And, yes, I referred to our deeds being dirty rags and the parable of the shrewd manager.)
      That helped.

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      • Such ideas are always hard for many folk to grasp, especially if they are unsaved/newly saved. As children of God we can do our best with what we have but it is a bit like trying to race with a Ferrari fitted with tractor wheels! We get the full upgrade in glory, Hallelujah!

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      • Amen!

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