The Birthing of an 8 Year-Old: A Proper Time to Use the “Sinner’s Prayer”?

My first thought seeing his name was, “Huh. That’s a cool name.” Then I got to the parenthetical thought. (I must be a prophet!)

I almost wrote the rest of the story. (I must be a prophet!) Except in my story there was a brother, not sisters. Why? I experienced a VERY similar story years ago with a 10-year-old in the Church of the Nazarene.

Then I seriously considered sharing this here blog entry to make this particular story a tad more famous for His glory.

So I did.


The Recovering Legalist

Last night I was blessed with the wonderful privilege of holding hands with an 8 year-old boy and his mother as he prayed to receive Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior! It was awesome!

The “sinner’s prayer” was involved, though. Was this a problem?

Let me describe what happened, then let’s talk about it.

It was Wednesday night, and that’s when the youth meet downstairs and the adults meet in the main sanctuary for prayer and discussion of Scripture (we are currently going through the book of Proverbs a chapter each week). After I had already gotten started, the mother and her son came in and sat in the auditorium. Frankly, I thought it was odd that they both came in…maybe he got in trouble, or something?

Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting, people standing, hat, child and outdoor Jhett and his mom, Cara, at a rodeo. It runs in his family.

Well, it was only after the meeting was finished…

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  1. That’s awesome, man! I have a feeling this kid is going to have no trouble being famous 😉

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