The Threshold of Change

I simply liked this. If I work, it is for growing the Kingdom of God through the power of Christ’s blood the Holy Spirit to the glory of the Father.


Truth in Palmyra

Okay, I admit it. I am a Dr. Phil fan. Sure, he is a showman out to make a buck. Sure, his theology pretty much is the pits. On the other hand, he is entertaining and full of good common sense. But, I digress, as none of that is the point.

I listen to stuff, and I am usually thinking in the back of my mind what something actually means. Usually if your meaning is whacked, I will catch it. In his show lead-in, he has all of these cool little snippets of the show, and all sorts of supposedly pithy, meaningful quotes. Now, I actually hate most meaningful quotes, as most times they actually have no meaning, but are just words strung together to sound fancy and smart.

He has one on his lead-in for this season that just makes me NUTS! Here it is:

I’m going to lead…

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