A Quick look into Church History About the History of the Earth

There is a danger in saying “because it was always done this way, so why change?” However, it is more valid when based on the idea of Occam’s Razor: (to paraphrase) the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.
The plainest, least convoluted way to understand the Scriptures is that God created the Earth several thousand years ago. Jumping through theological, philosophical, grammatical, and logical hoops to make scientific theory fit ultimately leads to the truth that many do in fact come to: One of them must be wrong.
Seeing as one keeps changing regularly (such as the age of the Universe recently being up for grabs again, by as much as 2 BILLION years on the lower end), maybe it is not the safest bet to follow.
Thanks to our Orange friend for compiling these thoughts.


A Bit of Orange

The following is from a conversation I had with a Catholic friend I like and admire: 

You made a passing comment about the lack of uniform belief in a literal week about 6,000 years ago through church history, and of course I cannot deny this. But then, no church had a doctrine of transubstantiation for the first thousand years of church history, and most today still do not.

One must build a case for what the Bible does and does not teach by the Bible, not by popular vote.

As AiG answers this better than I could, I shall just do a little cut and paste action here to explain why this is not an argument against my position, but rather, the history behind this question is a case against the OEC position.

From AiG:

Is Genesis non-committal on the age of the earth, as Sproul and many other scholars…

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