In Their Own Words… The Founding Fathers and Our Christian Heritage

I share, not so much for Anthony’s thoughts, as for the thoughts that were shared over 200 years ago.
We may not be a Christian nation, but those principles were used at the formation of our nation.

The Recovering Legalist

Every year around this time the godless, anti-Christian, anti-religious, “spaghetti monster” fans wear out the keyboards of their iMacs as they hammer any and every posted news article having anything to do with the Christian stones in our nation’s foundation.

Just this week a story about another school taking down a student-donated 92-year-0ld plaque hit the news. The comment sections of various sources that published the story were overflowing with arrogant atheists preaching the virtues of “separation of church and state.” Obviously, their hatred of Christianity (not so much the desire for pluralism) was fueling their snarky vitriol.

As if the trolls got together beforehand and decided what would be the most effective “shut up the enemy” type of argument, one of the most common mic-drop-type attempts to end any defense of the Ten Commandment plaque went like this:

“If you are OK with posting the Ten Commandments, then…

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  1. Ha! I’m finding it difficult to figure out how I should feel about that comment 😆

    I mean, I’m sharing this, not because Anthony said anything worth sharing, but that he shared what was worth sharing. You know how they sometimes say, “The thoughts and views expressed by this program do not necessarily reflect the views of this station”? Yeah, it’s like that.


    Thanks for sharing, Daniel. At least for sharing the Founders’ words. 😉

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    • I thought it was funny. I also had a feeling it would be more of an inside joke … THAT YOU JUST LET OUT!
      In all honesty, I could have just shared the quotes, but you summed them up well.


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