The Bad News, The Good News, and The Not Exactly Good News

Important thoughts. Thanks for sharing the facts!

Running The Race

The Bad News

In his sobering book The Last Christian Generation, Josh McDowell grabbed our attention when he wrote, “Over the last generation the number of students who say that the church will play a part in their lives when they leave home has dropped from 66% to 55% down to 33%!” He further points out that “between 69% to 94% of young people are leaving the traditional church after High School and few are returning!!!”

The Good News

On the positive side, McDowell notes that “65% of this generation wants a close relationship with God; and 49% want to make a difference in the world!” In fact, most will say that “God is still important to them,” but “they just believe some different things from you and I [sic].”

The Not Exactly Good News

When McDowell mentioned that this generation proclaims that God is still important to them…

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