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Something funny and something serious for Pride Month

Running The Race

First the funny from the Babylon Bee who, as they often do, nailed it.

U.S.—For Pride Month, hundreds of corporations are being applauded for bravely coming out in support of an incredibly popular, socially acceptable, entirely mainstream movement: the LGBTQ+ community.

It obviously takes a lot of courage for a big corporation to fly a rainbow-colored flag, sell rainbow merchandise, or temporarily change their logo to pride colors. So these massive companies are really going out on a limb here, supporting a movement that you’re literally ostracized for not supporting.

And now for the serious, here is something I posted a while back [emphasis added]. No virtue signaling, pandering, or political correctness to appease the dumbed down masses with me. My opinion is the same as it has been for two decades and it will never change, ever.

The Bible provides God’s blueprint for marriage and for His good gift…

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This Sunday at Church: Thank someone who works behind the scene

So maybe for the past few months it has been one of the youth boys doing sound stuff at our local church, but the point still stands! (Read this brother’s post to know what I mean!)

The Domain for Truth

The Lord’s Day is important.  The Church is important.  Those are things near to my heart.  They are things near to the heart of God.  Christ died for His church.  The church, imperfect as it is, is what God uses to reach the lost and mobilize missions at the grass root level.  It is where one generation imparts the Gospel to the next generation and the younger generations bury one generation, preaching that same precious Gospel as a reminder of the hope of the Gospel and also to convert sinners to Christ for them to go to heaven.

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VerseD: 2 Timothy 1:9

[God] who saved us and called us to a holy calling, not because of our works but because of his own purpose and grace, which he gave us in Christ Jesus before the ages began,
2 Timothy 1:9, ESV

We are saved by Christ’s good work to do good works in His Name throughout this world to give glory to God. This is our calling in life.