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The Dangers of Transgenderism

Here are some good points in the current transgender debate.

A Bit of Orange

Transgenderism is when a man decides he is a woman, or when a woman decides she is a man. Today the kids on college campuses and all around the old internet are being taught that sex and gender are NOT the same thing- that SEX is biological, but GENDER is societal or personal or something like that. It’s actually REALLY difficult to get anyone to give a clear answer about these things.

And if it was just the acknowledgement that sometimes you feel like a man and some days you don’t, and some days you lay on the couch crying and watching the Notebook while eating strawberry cheesecake ice cream right from the carton trying not to even THINK of the cultural expectations for men back when your grandfather was your age because you know you would NEVER be able to meet them…

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