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How can all those scientists be wrong?

I was just at an apologetics conference, and this was the only topic (Creation) not discussed while I was there. It was good to see this, then!
I also agree with what was said here. Go read more of the folks posts at The Isaiah 53:5 Project!


Running The Race

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Is the photo above a man standing sideways (profile), or is the man standing forwards with half the picture cut off?  Two different people will come to two different conclusions.  Let’s keep that in mind…

The vast majority of scientists agree that the Earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old, and evolution via natural selection and common ancestry is the means by which humanity came into being.  Obviously, as a young-earth creationist, I do not agree with either of those staples of science.  But what about all the evidence, Tim??  Let me explain my position…

I believe that the scientific method requires that all evidence must be interpreted before a conclusion is drawn.  My issue is not with the evidence itself, it is with the interpretation stage.  I believe that scientists interpret the evidence through a worldview filter.  Their…

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5 Reasons I’m not a ‘Christ follower’

I went through basically the same process a few years ago, but I like the way this is put. It kinda hits in the gut, too.


Running The Race

Now that I have your attention, let me clarify that. I don’t mean that I don’t ‘follow’ Christ. What I do mean is that I don’t ‘self-identify’ as a ‘Christ follower’. I don’t get upset when people ask me if I’m a ‘Christ follower’, I just don’t like to call myself a ‘Christ follower’.

Here are my 5 reasons::

1. Anyone can be a ‘Christ follower’. One need not even have met and embraced Christ as Savior to be one. Think about it.

2. Although claiming to be a Christ ‘follower’ means more than just being a ‘fan’; meaning that I ‘do’ something rather than just hit the ‘Like’ button on Jesus’ Facebook page, it also tends to tickle the ‘boast’ button attached to my flesh.

3. It tends toward a sense of ‘works’ righteousness. See number 2.

4. It misses the gospel, in that it’s about what I ‘do’…

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