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The Recovering Legalist

Think of the following quote as you prepare for Sunday – if you prepare for Sunday…

“Worship on Sunday that does not lead to worship on Monday is not real worship; it’s religious activity.” – Chuck Lawless

Please, oh please, make it a point to attend corporate worship with other believers this Sunday! And when you do, determine not to be distracted by people, things, or anything else – worship God, not man. Don’t make going to church an “activity” you do, make it a relationship you renew.

Remember, it’s not about you; it’s about HIM.

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Putting On the Brakes

The only thing I would add to Anthony’s thoughts is that sometimes the brakes only work on one side, so, instead of stopping, we are redirected. It might look like all of our dreams are crashing, when in reality God is sending us to something greater.
Ultimately, that something greater is eternity with Him. If that is not our focus, almost every change we encounter will seem like punishment or His lack of control.
Think on that.


The Recovering Legalist

Pictures In the Dark

I am not supposed to be using a cell phone on a school bus. However, what you see in the picture below is the result of using my cell phone…on the school bus. But note, the brakes were on.

Yes, I used my old iPhone 4S to capture (there’s no click) an image of the instrument panel on my bus. Actually, I took a picture of only one part of my instrument panel: the part that showed my “service brake” was engaged.

As I was waiting for my bus to warm up, I sat there looking at the gauges, making sure everything was in working order. That’s when something crossed my mind that had never occurred to me before – the brake is actually performing a “service.”


The “Service” Brake

There is no “P” for “Park” anywhere on a school bus. In order to put a…

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