How I got my life back – my hearing has been restored to near-normal

Anthony Watts’s climate blog, Watts Up With That?, typically focuses on how Anthropogenic Global Climate Change (Man-Caused Global Warming) is not typically based on observable data and is largely bunk (but not completely!)
This entry is important, not because of climate news, but because of how beautifully tragic his life has been and the miracle of modern medicine/science. This story shows that we are still a long way from the ideal of Jesus’ ability to heal deafness with a touch or a word, but amazing things can still happen.
Go read the Anthony’s story. It is so worth it. (I teared up toward the end!)

Watts Up With That?

This is an extremely personal note, and I have been waiting a week to write to see if in fact the results were real and lasting. I’m happy to report that they are and I am a changed person as a result of this transformation. Let me tell you a story about my struggle and how I suffered with hearing loss for years. Let me explain how my family and my friends and my career and everything suffered along with it, and what I did to solve it.

Many of you that read WUWT and have met me in person at conferences, speaking engagements, and over the telephone, realize what a struggle everyday life has been for me with an 85% hearing loss. The story begins when I was an infant – I had a series of infections which our local doctor treated with tetracycline, an antibiotic that at the…

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