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The Undeniable Religious Underpinnings of an American Holiday

The Recovering Legalist

No Arguments

I don’t want to get into any arguments this Thanksgiving, believe me. I only look forward to meeting with family, eating turkey, along with every imaginable kind of casserole, then later flopping prostrate onto some flat surface to nap through the mythical effects of tryptophan and marshmallows. But just as with so many other things in this modern life, there are those who want to make a case against Thanksgiving, at least the religious underpinnings it brings to the dinner table.  Like as with Christmas, there will inevitably be those who want to keep God out of Thanksgiving.

There has been so much debate over the level of influence religion (specifically Christianity) had in the founding of our great nation, the United States of America. Many have argued that our forefathers wanted nothing more than a completely secular society void of anything sacred. Others have argued that our…

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Thankful for the Savior

The Unwinding Path

It is so, incredibly appropriate that Thanksgiving begins the Christmas season. Unfortunately too many people are caught up in the materialism of “doorbuster savings” and getting the newest electronic gismo (that will be outdated by the time they get it home), that they fail to take time to be truly thankful. The truth is, if you have a roof over your head, food and clean water you are better off than most of the people in the world.

This Thanksgiving, be sure to start off the Christmas season right by really setting everything aside, and being thankful for everything God has done for you.

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Enter His gates with thanksgiving…

The Unwinding Path

The Psalmist says “Enter His gates with thanksgiving, and His courts with praise.” Some scholars have deemed this “The protocol of heaven,” that is to say, that if one were visiting royalty in another country (England for example) there is a protocol for what you do and say when meeting with them. It is similar when meeting with God Almighty. Similar, but not the same. Why, because God generally meets you where YOU are. He is wonderfully personal and too many people don’t understand that. He wants to meet with YOU, He wants to talk to YOU! You don’t need to go to a pastor or priest in order to hear the voice of God. There is one simple thing that you must do – be real with God.

God knows your heart anyway so why try to hide anything? He knows your thoughts, fears, worries, concerns, hopes, pride, and…

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