Weekend Words & Sunday Stanzas – 06/15/2014

It is my prayer you find wisdom, and perhaps you can find some help at Proverbial Thought!

The poem today is a prayer that was originally inspired by Proverbs 30:7-14. There is a mix of, well, everything else from God’s Word that is good and leads us toward holiness. I think it is rather appropriate for Father’s Day, as all fathers (all parents) should pray this!







a simple prayer


O God

   give me enough today
that i need not steal

O Lord

   give me patience to stay
that i get through ordeals

O Savior

   clean up my mouth and mind
that i not lie or lust

O Friend

   clean out my heart and life
that i love and be just

O Father

   hear my cry of despair
that my soul be made holy

O Daddy

   hear my simple prayer
that my soul be filled with your peace

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