Weekend Words & Sunday Stanzas – 04/27/2014

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This week I started working on a new Masters degree. It is my second, but I am also working on my first. It was an interesting series of events that led to this happening.

Most of those events I would not have expected, and some of them seemed like bad things from my perspective when they started. Now I can see how they were working me toward something.

As they say, God works in mysterious ways.


series of events


all sorts of events come up

a series of unfortunate events

or maybe of fortunate events

what if all of the unplanned

the things that seemingly hinder

were events to get you to stop

what if all of these random events

that you thought are bad are not

maybe God is trying to get to you

to stop for just one or two moments

maybe He just wants you to look at

who is around and just listen

perhaps God is trying to bless you

to put that person or situation

into your life to bring a blessing

or to bring back your full attention

when things seem to be going wrong

remember to always praise and give thanks

you never know if God is just moving

to bring heaven to our earthly plane

it is when we respond with love and faith

in times that seem too difficult

to prove that He alone is God

that we display what He is all about

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