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Weekend Words & Sunday Stanzas – 04/20/2014


Find the true Wisdom of God, and perhaps He can be found through some of the writings at Proverbial Thought!

If you have not heard¬†Michael W. Smith’s “Missing Person”, it is well worth listening to. It was one of the inspirations for this poem today. The other was my journey through 2007 as I rediscovered Jesus Christ after a couple of years of turning from Him.

May you be encouraged today on this annual celebration of our Lord’s resurrection!


that faith


that faith that i once had

where i believed all Your Word said

i trusted all that You had said

and my life was saved from death

but somehow Your Word was forgotten

i decided to embrace my old sin

as i continued into deeper sin

Our relationship worsened

i want that faith to be mine once more

to tell everyone i trust the Lord

that i would know His Living Word

and share that faith with the world

and yet i find i want more than that

that i could lead others down Your Path

and have good replace all the bad

that we would walk with our Heavenly Dad

i still want more with that faith

to lead in power to the only Way

and impact those i meet everyday

because i move on every word You say

that faith that leads me to You

that love that compels me to share Your Truth

that blood that cleaned me through and through

that grace that redeems my eternal soul

that faith that i want today is

that faith that trusts my Lord Jesus

that faith first displayed by Jesus

that faith He wants for all of us

that faith i pray will push me

to follow my Savior completely

to share His Power and peace

to show everyone the Love that fills me