This story from my wonderful sister-in-law is exactly what I am talking about in my post today, “When Life Roughs You Up“.

Life is not always easy, and Jesus said (speaking contextually of persecution, but it applies) “in this world you will have [troubles].”

Yet, it is the next phrase that reminds us of why we have hope: “I have overcome the world!” (John 16:33)

Please join me in lifting in prayer my sister-in-law, her family, and all those who suffer from the loss of a miscarriage.


I didn’t mean to tell a lie. Truth is, I was suffering too much to tell anyone what was happening. Tears came fresh when I thought about my situation, so how could I possibly have a conversation about it?

Now I see that my silence perpetuates a societal problem – the last taboo, if you will – and so I’m speaking out.

We were at the appointment early, 7 weeks instead of 8, and so the doctor did an internal ultrasound to show us the heartbeat of our future child.  The baby was too young to produce an audible heartbeat, but we saw the thump thump thumping of the heart on the camera. 

A tiny heart was beating inside of me.  A tiny heart created by the person I loved most in the world.  That tiny heart was my favorite heart in the whole world. 

The wait for the second…

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