Weekend Words & Sunday Stanzas – 09/29/2013

Redeem your mind, and find some wisdom through Proverbial Thought!

An interesting fact, all of the poems in WW&SS this month were all written on October 3, 2007! (Next week’s, too!)

I have had many friends who have experienced life altering physical problems, whether they be birth defects, accidents, or illnesses that caused these issues.

Most of these friends have refused to give in to their physical limitations, and they fully trust in the redemption purchased through Jesus Christ to make their lives something incredible!

May we realize how much sin has impaired us all and fall on the grace and power of Christ!

invalids and redeemed


imagine being useless

a complete invalid

not going anywhere

wondering if you should live

but someone comes along

to help you live your life

practically killing himself

to show you are worth the time

even being useless

you are on a new team

there is someone who took you

and made your life redeemed


realize you are useless

sin has destroyed you

spiritually dead

without having a clue

but Someone came along

His name is Jesus Christ

He came down from heaven

literally giving His life

and then He rose again

made you forgiven and clean

embraced in His nail scarred hands

He has called you redeemed

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