Weekend Words & Sunday Stanzas – 08/04/2013

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About a month ago I wrote … an open letter to the Western Church.

When I wrote this poem, I was beginning to see how some of the teachers I was following were distorting the gospel of Christ. They made rules not found in the Bible or took supposing or contextual promises from the Bible, and they presented these as the truth.

Many of these were “Prosperity Gospel” teachers. Some of them were rogue teachers with no affiliation to any denomination or particular creed.

Sadly, I found many of these teachings floating throughout much of the Church in America as I travelled across it that year.

(Thankfully, I have found many solid teachers, those who are not ashamed to admit they might be wrong yet humble enough to trust those who have come before in Church history!)

It was also around this time I read Isaiah 28 …


woe to the church (Isaiah 28)

do and do

do and do

rule on rule

rule on rule

a little here

a little there

our priests and preachers

cause many to stumble

they become injured

captured in sin and snared

you preach of victory

you have talked with death

nothing can harm you

death would never dare

for you made a lie a haven

in your agreement with hell

you have taken falsehood

and made it your lair


it is time

it is time

enough is enough

no more of this

a call to fight

a call to prayer

life has left the church

but our Lord is earnest

He has not forgotten

He knows our despair

return to the King

return to our Savior

repent of all the lies

give up all earthly cares

return to our Lord

give to Him our lives

those who return to God

their souls will be spared

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