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Weekend Words & Sunday Stanzas – 05/26/2013

Love God? Seek some of His wisdom over at Proverbial Thought.


He moves

He moves our Spirits

He is in us

His power moves in us

O Lord

O God

You move our lives

when we give them to You

this is more than an action

it starts with a choice

it is our life inside

You taking control

because we respond

we give You control

where it belongs

You are the Lord of it all

You shake the foundations

You disrupt our lives

You want them to be Yours

My Lord

change my life

shake my foundations

remove my false foundations

be my foundation

send me through

through Your refining fire

make me pure

get me to the point

the point of reflecting

Your glory

purify us all

O God

make us Your children

You are God

we are not

we are not

help us realize

You are our God