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Weekend Words & Sunday Stanzas – 05/12/2013

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HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY! You are appreciated and loved through this blog! Thanks for all of your hard work and love mom’s. You have shown us freedoms through your teachings, warnings, and devotion.

We all desire freedom from something.

We are all a slave to something in this life, and we want freedom.

Ironically, freedom can be found when we fully give ourselves over to one thing, allow it to control the way our lives will run.

To what do you give your life over? To Whom do you give your life over?





free yourself

 we all live in bondage
a slave to something
we are born slaves to
our wickedness and sin
free yourself
there is no need to suffer
our lives stuck in place
we may be happy here
but joy has no place
free yourself
there is a way to be free
to remove the weight sin brings
turn away from the sin
and make Jesus your King
free yourself
when a slave to the King
true freedom is released
with Jesus Christ in control
there is real joy and peace
free yourself