Weekend Words & Sunday Stanzas – 03/31/2013


This is the only event celebrated every week in in congregations around the world, and for good reason. It is the seminal event in history, as God stepped into a fallen world to bring us back into fellowship with Him! Even though we speak with evil like fools (see Proverbial Thought today!), God still says “I love you, and I came to save you!”

Even though the poem today was written in late August of 2007, it is fitting for today. We struggle with knowing the path we should take. We deal with uncertainty each day. But God knew from the outset that He would have to come as a man and endure the cross. He knew the very day in human history He would defeat the cross and the grave!

We can be certain of this: God is a loving God, and He wants to spend eternity with us so much that He died for us and came back to life! He has given us a true hope and desire for Him. He called each one of us by name to come follow!

uncertainty around every corner
no known path to walk down
but this i know with my whole being
the Lord of creation calls me His own
i may not understand my path
but my God will direct my way
He is the only certain thing in life
and therefore worthy of all my praise
i will exalt His Name with all i am
for He thought of me in time before time
He created me when it was time for me
He rescued me when the time was right
He called me by name when i was ready
though it felt to me like too much
He encouraged a lowly wretch to move
and changed me with His own blood
so no matter what is next for me
He is the One that is in complete control
i will worship and serve the mighty One
that redeems and guides my soul

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