A Call To Prayer and Fasting

I am sure I am not the first nor last to issue such a proclamation, but I am at least to the first to do so this way!

This is a two-fold call, but God is calling for a fast:

  1. We must pray for the wildfires: the land destroyed, the lives devastated and inconvenienced, and for a quick end and rebuilding from the destruction.
  2. The youth of our nation. Specifically I wish to ask for prayers for the youth of my congregation who are going to a youth conference next week. We must pray for openness to the Holy Spirit, a clear direction from God, and a fiery passion for our Lord and Savior!

If you are a dedicated prayer warrior, you know what to do!

Some simple instructions:

  1. Take at least three days to fast. It is between you and God which days over the next week.
  2. Fast as God is calling you: complete fast, a “Daniel” fast (fruits and veggies, essentially), no technology, from driving … WHATEVER!
  3. Pray for the wildfires and our nation’s youth. (In fact, make it our global youth, and please think of “my” youth!)

You all know 2 Chronicles 7:14

  1. I am having teck problems, and I am not sure you will get this. I can still get the men of one accord praying and fasting by morning. God bless and the prayers of the men of one are in unity with you and yours. AMEN!


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