Weekend Words & Sunday Stanzas – 05/13/2012

First of all, HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY to all of you mothers out there! Do not forget to honor your mother(s) not only today but every day. Also do not forget to call your mother (or other mothers/mother-figures) today!

Have you heard that song by Bluetree (and now other artists) called “God of This City“?

I wrote a poem about five years ago that follows the same thought. We have been called to be a city on a hill, a light that shines for all to see.

Your City

We want to see a city set up;
A city established for Your Name.
Where is the place for Your Glory?
Where do we go to see Your Face?

You have called us to be Your light.
We are to be Your city on a hill.
With a singular vision through Your Grace
We become a people after Your Will.

When we are focused on Your Life
We are a light shining on Your Earth.
We can be Your Holy City of God
Shining throughout the universe.

Taken from deeper words for God from a simple man of God by daniel m  klem, page 61.

  1. Many people think Chris Tomlin wrote God of this City! Have you seen the YouTube where Bluetree talk about how the song came to be written? My favourite Bluetree song to date is ‘Can’t Contain’. But back to the blog ….!

    The key word for me in your poem is ‘called’ – we are called and we have to respond. God has made His home in us, and has given us huge responsibility. Blessings Dan and thank you.


    • You are quite welcome, and thank you! I think people often forget that the Christian walk, while a daily choice and a relationship, is a calling. If only more people could grasp that, we would see our world permanently changed and our Lord returning that much sooner!


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