Weekend Words & Sunday Stanzas – 10/23/2011

So, the end of the world as we know it was supposed to happen on Friday. (Remember Harold Camping telling us the Rapture was supposed to happen on May 21 and the end would come on October 21? I made reference to it here, here, and here.)

Again, I commemorate the occasion with a poem. This one is actually less tongue-in-cheek.

daniel m  klem

i wait for Your answer
to come from You
i wait for Your coming
to rescue me  too
i wait for Your Son
to come and save me
I wait for Your Word
to let it be
i wait only for You
to talk with us
i wait for many things
to make all trust
until these happen
i will keep waiting

Taken from simple words for God from a simple man of God by daniel m  klem, page 91.

  1. I’m always leery of Christians that are totally obsessed with Eschatology. Often times these people live in some sort of dream world where obsession borders on end times madness….not to mention they are usually kind of creepy, and they seem to thrive off fear.

    The truth is- I’m not looking for a way out. I will keep running this race until God calls me home, or some other divine intervention occurs.

    When/if Harold Camping gets to heaven, he will most certainly be made aware of all the time he wasted making his lousy predictions.


    • Something funny in my life is that I am currently reading a book titled “Last Days Madness,” so your “end times madness” made me laugh.

      I completely agree with you. I used to be an eschatology nut. Now I have that balance of understanding He will return but that our focus should be on the here and now, bringing as many people as we can with us when we all go.

      Also, sorry for the late reply! I have been busy! Thanks for stopping by!

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