My Life with Jesus (My first ever Guest Blog!)

Look at how amazing I am! New to blogging, yet I already have a guest blogger! Meet Mark. He is pretty amazing, too, but I am teaching him a few amazing things. Enjoy!

Dr. Luke  Timothy Johnson in his book  The Real Jesus: The Misguided Quest for the Historical Jesus and the Truth of the Traditional Gospels asks a very pointed question.   Is Jesus dead or alive?  The question seems awfully irrelevant  doesn’t it?  In our post-modern world existence or non-existence of something or someone  really does not matter  it only matters on our perception of things.  I doubt we treat our mortgage, car payment, and credit card bills  the same way.  Scholars for years have been doing their best to discover who Jesus really was.  Books have chronicled Jesus as Mediterranean peasant, iconic sage, and even a most holy prophet.

His words have been analyzed over and his steps have been traced.  The study of Jesus has made many scholars  famous, i.e.  John Dominic Crossan.  Scholars treat Jesus solely as a figure of the past to be studied and analyzed.  I am concerned that we as Bible believing evangelicals fall into the same dangers.  The pulpit in America is devoid of sermons detailing the most pivotal event in human history.  The event I am speaking of is the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Easter seems to be the only time that this event is preached.  Liberal mainline denominations have treated the resurrection story in a very postmodern way.  “The reality of the physical resurrection of Jesus is not important, it only matters how it makes you feel.”  Resurrection has been reduced to a  feel-good, happy, ethereal feeling.  I want to state unequivocally that the actual resurrection of Jesus matters.  I want to share about my life with Jesus.

Jesus Christ is not simply a figure in the past to be studied and analyzed.  I may be able to learn about Jesus by studying the gospels and tracing His steps and studying all His sayings.  Learning about Jesus is not the same as learning from Jesus.  I live my life as a disciple of the living Jesus.  My day consists of hearing from Him as the living incarnate Word.  I also learn from Him as I hear Him speak through the Holy Spirit, and as He guides me on a daily basis.  “Jesus wanted: Dead or alive.  I choose Jesus alive as One who is real and continually leading me and guiding me to the truths of His Word.  You may only choose to study about Jesus, but I choose to learn from Him.  We need to change our vocabulary from “Jesus was” to “Jesus is.”

History has enough great names in the past to learn about.  Einstein taught us about relativity.  Galileo taught us about astronomy.  Newton taught us about Gravity.  The men I mentioned are all dead and gone and their legacy lives on, and we are grateful for their contribution.  Jesus stands out from all others, because He not only walked this earth and endured every pain and sorrow on the cross for us, but He conquered the grave and beat death, thus securing our salvation by rising from the dead! (I Corinthians 15)

Today, be ever mindful that Jesus wants to teach you something today.  My life with Jesus is a life full of hope, because I know that Jesus is alive.


  1. Daniel,

    It is amazing how much these “quests” by scholars have infiltrated the ranks of evangelicalism and have raised doubts about the biblical Christ. Furthermore, it seems any new “quest” about Jesus will almost be a guarantee best-seller, just as long of course, it is no way validating the biblical Christ.

    A few years ago I was in a Christian bookstore. Right in the midst of all the books about Christ, was a book by Marcus Borg, a colleague of Crossan. The book was claiming that we should take the Scriptures “seriously but not literally.” I pulled the book out and gave it to the manager. I explained to him about the Jesus Seminar movement, what their views are and so forth. He thanked me for pointing this out to him as he was unaware of what I shared with him and he pulled it off the shelf. But it struck me how in the midst of all this, the false message of Christ can easily get mixed up with the truth.

    • I completely understand what you are saying. I have some friends who have given me grief for clarifying what the Bible says after hearing/reading something, but most people understand that I do not want people to misunderstand the gospel! It seems too many people do not realize the dangers of changing the meaning of a word or taking things out of their proper context. I remember when I first learned of the Jesus Seminar pretty much complaining about it to my family for a week! I try to be better about how I approach topics, now; but it is indeed amazing how popular mistruths and reinventions of the gospel message can get.

      Thanks for commenting!

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