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Weekend Words & Sunday Stanzas – 11/23/2014

Do not lose sleep over foolish choices, and get a taste of wisdom from Proverbial Thought!

Whether it is the book of Ecclesiastes or Proverbs chapter 6 or many other passages, the Bible talks a lot about what distracts us and takes up our time. These things cost us rest and sleep.

The poem today was written after a few days not being able to sleep inside a building. I was tired, but I had been kept busy during my days.

When I was able to get back to … not even a bed, but a futon that had recently been acquired from others by a friend I was staying with, I was ready to fall fast asleep. Instead, I wrote this poem for God.

He is always worth a little less sleep.






















losing sleep

people lose sleep for various reasons

whether for work or for recreation

to read a good book or be with a person

but if i am losing sleep for anything

whether for all that mentioned or nothing

as long as i lose sleep seeking my King

if i can lose sleep for things here on earth

i should be able to for Him Who deserves

the very Creator in Whom i find my worth