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A Morning Prayer

Do not forget your daily dose of wisdom, which can be found at Proverbial Thought!

I have quite a few blogs that I follow. One that I follow yet do not regularly interact with (Sorry, James!) is Men of One Accord. James’s goal with his blog is to bring about unity between Christians in Christ Jesus, and I highly recommend checking out his poetry, prayers, and quotes. The spelling might not always be the greatest, but the content is always full of grace, love, and Jesus! I strongly suggest you follow his blog!

This past week, as I was hurrying from work to seminary or youth group, or trying to get in all of my reading and assignments (the downside to taking 12 credits at the graduate level and working full-time while involved in ministry!), this little gem appeared in my inbox. It strengthened me, encouraged my spirit, and reminded me of why I push myself: it is all for His glory!

As he said in the post, “I could not keep it all to myself, I had to share. May all be blessed and peace be with you. Amen”

My Abba I bow

before the morning light.

Prepare me to arise 

at the dawning of Your new day.

As You pour out new mercies

forgiveness of all sins

through Your love

by grace this child 

has been embraced.

I sing praise, honor, and glory

to the lamb that was slain. 


Yeshua shall reign.

Your child brings to You

his body, heart, spirit, and soul

which to You I freely give.

These are my five loaves and two fish

I give for Your blessing

to break, to pass out and to feed

a multitude of hungry and lost souls.

For by Your grace 

this child has been embraced.

Forever I will sing Your praise, 

to honor, and to glorify

 the lamb that was slain. 


 Yeshua shall reign.