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In Dependence Day

Happy Birthday, United States of America!

I realized I have not posted a song in a while that I enjoy. I think this one is a good one for today.

The only way to truly have freedom in this life is to surrender to our Lord and Savior (Galatians 5:1).

Until then we are merely slaves to our own desires and sinfulness, and only through the Cross can we attain freedom and righteousness (Romans 6).

Remember on this day of celebration of freedom from tyranny (or whenever you celebrate freedom in some way) that it is only through the Lord Jesus Christ that we truly experience freedom.

It does not come through physical war. It does not come through destroying buildings or cities. It does not come through protests. It does not come through fighting or arguing.

It only comes through faith in the saving work of Jesus Christ through His death on the Cross and resurrection from the grave.

Happy birthday, United States of America! Happy Re-birthday, all who have found freedom in Christ!

Weekend Words and Sunday Stanzas – 07/03/2011

In honor of tomorrow, I say …


This is generally a time of pride of country and national heritage. I am not going to argue either way if this pride is good or bad … at least not today.

Today I only offer a poem based on Galatians 6:14 (and other passages, too!) which explains where our pride should lie as believers in Jesus Christ.

daniel m  klem

the pride i feel is for my God
He sent His Son to die on a cross
Christ Jesus came and saved my soul
so that i know it is not lost
from now on  i will not be ashamed
to tell the world about the day
that Jesus died upon a wood cross
just so that your and my souls are saved
i will repeat what i have said
to make sure you heard me say
God sent His one and only Son
so that He could keep us all safe

Taken from simple words for God from a simple man of God by daniel m  klem, page  48.