This Sunday at Church: Thank Someone who Encourages You

Our elders just held a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner on Friday, at which we served our deacons, Bible study leaders, and other volunteers (and their families) dinner, offered a short message of gratitude for ministering and some entertainment, gave away door prizes, and showed a movie.

The message this morning is finding encouragement in our faithful Savior (Matthew 12:15-21).

In other words, this weekend for our congregation has been a big thank you to our congregation.

Let’s live out gratitude daily, not just today or this weekend.


This Sunday at Church I want to encourage you to do the following: Thank someone who encourages you. Sometimes we can take people and things for granted. If we realize while reading this someone who encourage you at church I think it is worthwhile to thank them for encouraging you. I look back and realized […]

This Sunday at Church: Thank Someone who Encourages You
  1. Awesome you guys have a volunteer appreciation Dinner!

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    • Proof of character: we had to practically push most of them out of the dining area to go relax with the movie (recorded musical play of Jonah by Sight & Sound), because they kept offering to help with cleanup! Some were originally panicking after we announced the dinner: “What dinner? We haven’t heard of this? Out teams aren’t ready!” Because the elders and their families are serving you!
      Another elder and I also did a “Dad Joke-Off” for them. The whole night was fun.

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