This Sunday at Church: Express praise if your Church teach from the Old Testament

I hear from folks in our congregation regularly how glad they are they can hear the full council of God from our pulpit. We follow the approach of alternating from a book or series of books from the Old Testament and the New Testament. We preached through Ruth, and are currently in Galatians.

I know I thank God for this little congregation and the leadership. I have been in enough churches that preach primarily topical messages (not necessarily bad in and of themselves, but they must be biblically sound and based!) and/or downloaded sermons from others. (And this was not in Southern Baptist Churches, like was heard of from Ed Litton as and before becoming the SBC president. Aht least he typically used fairly decent material. I have heard sermons pulled from known false teachers but that “sounded so good!”)


For this Sunday here’s what you can do: Express praise if your Church teach from the Old Testament.   I think most churches on Sunday would be teaching on the New Testament.  That’s good.  But we must not forget that the Old Testament is also the Word of God. And the Old Testament is often […]

This Sunday at Church: Express praise if your Church teach from the Old Testament
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