Waking Up with a Map of Chicago

A Bit of Orange

We are all prodigals in Millennium Park.

You wake in the park after a night of self destructive binging with a map. Your money is gone, your friends are gone, and you smell terrible. You ran away from home with half of your Father’s money and a GIGANTIC ego trip. Now, a few weeks later, you’re face down in goose poop, and you’re cold and hungry. But you wake up with a map.

Photo by Mohammad Khan on Pexels.com

On the map is a hand written note that says “I’m here. When you wake up, come to me and I’ll drive you home- love dad.” An arrow points to an X a few miles away, and the address is written out in bold letters. You can hardly believe your eyes. Your Father has given you a map to where he is! And he is waiting to take you home! You…

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