Review – A Matter of Days – Chapter 23

To add to the list of things that work against Dr. Ross’s understanding of Creation, many Earth scientists were certain the age of Earth’s core was anywhere from 1.3 billion to 4.5 billion years old (4.5 by being the age of the Earth in their view), but new research suggests it is only 1-1.3 billion years old. The old minimum became the new maximum, and some think it may be younger.
In other words, more confirmation that the Old Earth models are further from consensus while getting progressively younger, contrary to what Dr. Ross has repeatedly stated in this book.



Tranquility through Testing

To finish his book Dr. Ross proposes a way that he thinks will bring resolution to the choice between the “creation-day controversy”. Whether you’ve been following the chapter reviews up to this point or not, you might be able to guess what Dr. Ross proposes as the solution:

Interpretations of Evidence!

Those who have been following along know that he would NOT choose the highest authority – God’s Word.

Given that various creation perspectives are readily testable, a pathway exists for peaceful resolution of creation-day controversies. With so much scientific data  and many different biblical creation accounts open for investigation, little basis remains for conflicts or disputes over creation doctrines.

Ross seems deaf to the effects of interpretations when discussing evidence, and I want to return to the last chapter’s review. Ross claimed that he won a debate with biblical astronomer, Danny Faulker because when both…

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