Through the Narrow: Salvation Party – By Gina Cook

I remember “complaining” about the “Sinners Prayer” at a church several years ago. Most at that time told me it was biblical and the best way to find out who was a Christian. Thankfully, my pastor at the time understood what I meant.
This article is a good summation of my concerns then and now.


Tulips & Honey

Years ago I was invited to attend a “salvation party” for a young lady who had just made a profession of faith in Christ. I’ll call her “Anne”.  It was the first time I had heard of such a party.  Out of profound curiosity and my heart for Anne, I went.  We gathered at a local restaurant, with cake and gifts in tow.

I noticed the people most excited were the ones throwing the party, the ones who had witnessed to her.  Anne sat appearing unsure and distant.  

One could think she was just an introvert who didn’t like the fuss of a party, or that it was a bit too silly for her taste- I would have agreed with her.  Perhaps she was thinking what I was thinking….is she…. saved?  I silently prayed for her and tossed around in my head the question, “how did anyone really know…

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    • Gina Cook
    • August 19th, 2020

    Thank you for sharing, Daniel. I pray more people see the concerns with this method and start to evangelize biblically.

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    • Absolutely, and agreed. I mostly saw it in the more Wesleyan tradition churches (therfore, very Arminian in beliefs), but I am mildly surprised how widespread it is used across Evangelicalism/Protestantism (even hearing some LCMS pastors using it!)


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