Review – A Matter of Days – Chapter 21

Yes, Adam was given several large tasks to do on His first day alive. Much of those are continuous. Is not the naming of animals also continuous? As said here, naming the animals would also be not so monumental when confined to the Garden with a God we know can easily bring animals to His man with a job to do (like Noah). Did Adam have to name all the sea creatures to know none of them are like him? Did he have to name all of the flying creatures first? Did he indeed need to name EVERY creature before realizing there was probably none other like him, especially with God there with Him to tell him … if he asked?




A Clear “Day” Interpretation

Dr. Ross sent me his book almost a year ago and I finished reading it and annotating it within a few months. So, as I have gone back and read through the chapter again for the book review, I am not really finding anything new. From beginning to end, I have found that Dr. Ross although he claims that the Bible is his highest authority, he sees the modern academic paradigm as the highest interpretive authority and conforms his reading of the Bible to accommodate it. 

In his personal testimony, we see evidence of this

I did not converse with a Christian about spiritual matters until I was 27. Studies in science consumed all my time and eventually convinced me, at age 15 that a transcendent God must exist. At the time, I doubted that a God who created a hundred billion trillion stars would care…

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